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this date they shoot us down how many shut them down if if organizers have not set for short hair how they will try to disrupt many service again. officers either drive by or police on bicycles as well. they are keeping their distance for now. there are a lot of banners and signs. for right now, it is a very peaceful protest. thus there are just singing and addressing the crowd. maureen kelly has more on the muni destruction that was caused by this morning's demonstration. >> around 7:00 a.m. a few dozen protesters marched in a circle across the muni metro tracks blocking the path of the core j and m lines. muni had advanced heart of the protest and broad and shuttle buses. the group then moved on, slowing traffic in front of the office still. they carried signs calling for an end police brutality to a guy who had a close eye on the demonstration. adam mother at the man the -- the mother of the man at the center of the action says she is gratified. >> it means so much to see the support of the community standing up and fighting back against police brutality. we are tired of the police
the suspect than a month and reportedly with since the box cover that was used against the victim and then an officer opened fire. there, you can see the evidence markers on the ground indicating bullet casings from the shooting. in total, four shots were fired, two of the shots struck the suspect in the upper torso. initially police did not know he had been struck. when they went to cuff him, they noticed he was bleeding and that is when an ambulance rushed into the hospital. for most of the day the entire intersection at washington and davis was shot down as crime scene technicians diagram the incident. >> we have been told that the victim whose name has not been released yet was sent to the hospital for non life-threatening issues. the suspect in this case has died of his injuries. >>grant: here is a little perspective on where these events happened. police say the suspect stabbed his co-worker at this chocolate factory on pier 17 along the embarcadero. police say the stabbing suspect ran south on the embarcadero and made his way on to washington street. after chasing, police c
. >>haaziq: the mother of the two year-old applauds of the u.s. justice department for bringing indictments against suspected gang members for the shooting death of her two year-old son. she tells me it is bittersweet news. it is taking her back to a dramatic time in our lives. >> it has still been day by day. people say it's better but it seems like it gets harder as the days go by the. >> she showed me one of her favorite photos of her sons and reflects on what she misses most about her son. >> i'm is waking up to him every day at him saying he is ready to eat. i'm is dressing him in going places and taking pictures of him. i just missed being a mother. >> his mother said she will take with less >> in what she said how she saw a white powdery substance on the white powdery substances leaked out on her desk and on the other and clubs. call it the test has come back negative for anthrax. we are definitely ruling out any type of anthrax to tourism. >>catherine: police vitalian truly in union city also received similar packages. tonight at 6:00 p.m. we will have the latest from berkeley. no m
on cannabis clubs. they held signs demanding that the president use restrictions on the medical marijuana community and oakland dispensaries. undocumented students have also been protesting. they want to dream act passed even of the president announced his administration to stop deporting some, they want some more to be done. >> obama promised in june and he would not deport any more the we see that people are being deported. >> those who do not support the president's policies led to protests most of the night. there's also a heavy police presence here. if you take a look beyond the barricade, you can see how many offices are located here in this corner of telegraph avenue of and 20 a street. >>catherine: members of the medical marijuana community are protesting the president to visit. they're upset about federal crackdowns on local marijuana dispensaries and they say they remember the president's campaign promise four years ago that he would ease up on the prosecution of medical marijuana. today, protesters tell haaziq madyun that there might be a political price for the president break
. she also said as a sheriff, she used the phrase all boys' network. she told me i needed evidence, i needed something to protect myself and fight in case there is a custody dispute. >> this testimony seemed repetitive but keep in mind you only saw a small slice. it went on and on with these same questions over and over. we will have an update coming up at 6:00 p.m.. the ethics commission will make a recommendation to the board of supervisors. it is the board of supervisors that will decide whether or not the sheriff will keep his job or if he must leave his job. >>catherine: we are learning of possible new locations in the speed freak killers case. shermantine will soon be taken to possible grave sites in lake county. he and herzog were convicted of murders which happened in the '80s and '90s. herzog committed suicide after being released from prison. shermantine has been on death row in san quentin. the governor has authorized his release from presence just long enough to find more graves like these which were uncovered earlier this year. terisa estacio is in lake county with a look
of the packages . once the bombs are loaded into the gun ,, that uses our lote wired up to the launchers . at the when they do the fireworks will be shot high into the air . there's several different sizes of guns out here . the bigger the gatt ,, the higher the fireworks will go . here is the biggest gun which is 10 in. in diameter this will send some of the rockets up more than a thousand feet . >>pam: you can join us at july 4th live the annual get the best view of all the fireworks are around area . we are the only station that brings you fireworks lighted -- live and and starts here at 9:0 it jacqueline is your to talk about the fireworks forecast . >>jaqueline: there is fog or tomorrow morning . it will not come back until after the fireworks show is over . that's fog will be coming after 11:00 . it could cling to the coastline . i can see a possibility of breezy conditions . this'll be breezy conditions along the delta . we should see ,, are conditions with clear skies and fog roll and the later in the evening . >> an act inland valley at is the '80s . the '60s along the coast
the nation. >> it is in form for us to be able to provide the level of services and deserved. thus >> right now fire resources are often stretched thin when dealing with simultaneous emergencies. >> is a big deal. it will allow us to put a couple of pieces of equipment back into service. it will improve the response time. >> the first of the 27 new recruits could begin training by february and be on the job by next summer. >> we will head outside and take a live look from the golden gate did. we have definitely been seeing to it does today. more sunshine inland. this in san francisco overcast conditions in cool. temperatures out the door right now you can see exactly where the fog is. take a look at the gala. napa fairfield in antioch, livermore at 68. sunshine and warmer temperatures in our inland locations. a her to a credit data >> it will be cool on saturday. more sunshine with 60s in the bay and '80s and the warmest locations. when i come back at all the you know exactly what to respect. >>catherine: a very interesting rumor involving a running mate for mitt romney in the controversy s
days. , he code did this and only two days! line by line. and he said to view know how he used to like to run? and if there were beat me? they could get a reward. and nobody could beat me except jimmy. >> he says that there is no sign that he was headed for trouble. >> he turned to the dark side and i did not know why. and it is just really, horrible. that it is unbelievable >>reporter: in moderate, rob fladeboe, kron4. >> in the - monterrey. >> background checks were checked for 2800 people that wanted to purchase a gun it is a 43% increase. as it can occur and reports that the nation's capital there is a nude control for gun control. >> this has nothing to do with the second amendment. >> n.y. representative, and other lawmakers saying that this needed to be banned on high ammunition clips like the ones used in the movie theater shooting. >> this is made for the military and the police. this is meant to kill as many people as possible in the shortest period of time >>reporter: shortly after that news conference where leaders from both parties saying that there is no push for tighter
of the city council. a gang-related. we have to have the and tighten loitering ordinance that will allow us to prevent people from gathering in groups. >> he says the citizens of oakland also have a role to play in all of this. he says they must get involved in the demand change from elected lawmakers otherwise, the crime problem will continue. as for me jean quan, once again requested an on-camera interview to discuss crime but her staff says she has been in meetings all day. >>catherine: our coverage continues tonight at 6:00 p.m., kron4 crews loaded this stage in east oakland with police on the ground and in the air to see how they are trying to fight crime. >> despite in oakland of violence is a hot topic on our kron4 facebook fan page. many people are pointing the blame squarely at oakland mayor jean quan. about 60 comments in the last half-hour. as take a look at some of the comments. >>grant: we want to know what you think about the recent spike in murders. visit our kron4 facebook fan page, i will be reading more comments on the air in about an hour. >>catherine: the largest medical
and somehow the doors to the us open and the the woman fell out. the two of the passengers were arrested for being drunk in public. so far no charges have been filed in connection with the death of natasha know of. tests >> all day long, no one was allowed on to this superman ride. this happened as crews worked behind the scenes trying to figure out how to train with of people got stuck. although many questions remained unanswered one spokesperson tells kron4, so far they have been able to find some answers. this is nancy chance. >> obviously safety is our highest priority. we have determined so far that there was no mechanical issue with the ride or the track. >> this is what the ride is like one in operations. fitzroy it has only been open for a month making its debut. she says discovering what happens it may take some time. >> this is a very unique ride. it is a one-of-a-kind launch coaster. >> we decided to do the testing denied because the park is closed. that allows us to be able to run allied -- run the right. the maintenance crew will be doing diagnostic testing. we do have a
: americans success would not be possible without the generation of immigrants flood have come to us from every corner of the globe. we say is so often, we sometimes forget what it means, we are a nation of immigrants. unless you are one of the first americans, a native american, how all all descendants from those who came from someplace else. " immigrants signed an answer to our declaration and helped to win our independence. if >>pam: mitt romney spent the day in new hampshire focusing on health care. his campaign team says that the individual mandate requiring americans have insurance is a tax. he has called the issue a penalty, a fee, a fine into settling on the word tax. >>pam: a man fleeing from oakland police is in critical condition after he crashed his car. this was the scene from early this month as oakland police tried to stop the stolen car on 69th ave. instead of pulling over, the driver sped away. he eventually crashed into the fire hydrant about 2 mi. from where it all started. another passenger in the car was also offered in this crash. all have >>pam: the driver of the ca
they presented a case for us that said unless someone stepped in at these parks would close because of a complete absence of funds. that proved to be false. >> the group raised two of its 79,000 to save the park in the mountains east of morgan hill. he says at least 20 million of the roughly $54 million allegedly hidden by state park and recreation officials came from fees paid by backpackers and other park users and should be reallocated for their intended use. >> this was obviously money that was provided by the california citizenry for the state parks. it makes no sense that this money should go back to the parks. >> they're demanding that the legislature make things right in the current session and redirect the funds to keeping the park opened. if not, they want their money back. >> the summer olympics have opened in london to much fanfare. mitt romney is attending some of the events of but definitely has not charmed the british or at least not the press, because of a few careless remarks he was being referred to as met the twit. newspapers also referred to him as a particle for. london's maj
and a look at your fourth life forecast. >> in many parts of the u.s. there is no escaping the heat off. it has been brutal. 18 states remain under heat advisory korea this past weekend, a series of violent storms killed as many as 16 people and not out power to millions of people as triple digit temperatures smothered a lot of areas. as of this money, up to 2 million health care are still without power in. as for all reports, this will tran conditions will not be the last place soon. >> the national weather service says the extreme heat is not over yet. that has crews working tirelessly to restore power to the areas of the central and eastern united states. feeling the blistering heat and cut off from power by the weekend's deadly storms. a combination of falling temperatures in and a lack of power is taking its toll, even slowing the morning commute. >> a lot of the taurus and lights out. >> we have been asking all of our silly -- and city residents to check on those without power. >> we are ready to get back to normal. >> going home to nothing, the dramatic images as the victims
going out to bank customers using an atm at a bank in san leandro, five people have been robbed at the same machine in the past two weeks. will tran and breaks down what is happening and how to keep yourself safe. >> and all, henry >> on tuesday night a 25 year-old woman takes out her cash and she turns around and there was a gunman demanding cash. in another case there were three men here at the same time, three suspects behind them, before they even had a chance to their card in they told them, we want your maximum cash. the fact that it is happening in broad daylight or all of the activity is going on, that is what is family and the police want to make an arrest as quickly as possible before someone gets hurt. >>pam: people are still using the atm where the robberies have been happening. we spoke with one customer was very concerned. >> i always try to be aware of my surroundings but i will try to be even more aware. >> did you know about the robberies? >> i did not. >>will: the fact that they have happened in broad daylight, does that scare you more? >> yes. >> broad dayligh
legislature, top u.s. officials are speaking out about the benefits. today, the u.s. secretary of transportation will a hood addressed issues about long- term funding. >> 50 years ago when the interstate system was started, they had no idea where the money was coming from and there were governors back then his said, we will not have an interstate. 50 years later we of the best road system in america. >> j.r stone has been following this story. >> it is just about a done deal but as the saying goes, appearances can be deceiving. yes, it has passed the state legislature yes, the governor is for if there is a large group of farmers that are against it. specifically those in the central valley were the first phase will start off. that is from bakersfield to madeira. they are upset about the destruction of 1,500 a. of farmland which could cut of irrigation canals. they are also upset the the high-speed trains could create too much wind and further hamper the be population which is a must for some of their crops. the thought is that the construction could start later this year howeve
kerman joins us live in oakland where city leaders are meeting to find out the crime-prevention plan is not working. >> the public safety committee will be meeting in about 10 minutes. it will be looking at this latest reports on what has happened over the last nine days ended is not good. >> there were four divides the city into two sections. area one including was acquitted. to including east oakland. the results are not dead in either spot. when you compare crime salaries are up slightly harriet ahead >> we are frustrated because we have a mayor that does not have decayed. all of us are a part of this city. all of us have equal responsibility to make sure that the city is a safe place to live and raise families. house >> speaking of the mayor, we asked for her to comment but she declined. and yesterday, the mayor refused to seat a kron4 or other members of the media about the shooting at jack london square saying she had not been briefed. >> at the time the mayor bloch to waive the cameras and said she has not been reached, it was 16 hours after the shooting. we asked the mayors o
scanned i am going to tell them exactly what happened and he did. >> many of us under stance and sympathize with the trauma and abuse suffered by mr. lynch, while we understand that and we understand his desire for revenge, we do not condone it. >>pam: joining us to talk about the case, a former prosecutor and legal professor. first of all, it is surprising that lynch admitted to the assault. fox >> this is called jury nullification. they know he is guilty, but the jury says he is still not guilty, the jury has the power at the end of the day to say, even if it is technically a crime we can call it not guilty. families of price? >> i was not shocked by was a little bit surprised. people tend to go with a lot can follow the prosecution. i think that people were so revolted by what has happened, it was a disgusting crime, they let him go free. >>pam: is there a chance for an appeal? >> there is not. if someone is convicted they can appeal but if someone is found not guilty is over for the da. the jury hung on a lesser count of misdemeanor assault. is the d.a. going to spend mon
with me. he will take us out, and point. you know, i do not think anything will take place at that point. and yes. it will be done in secret. nobody will know about it. they take the forensics out of all the time for dental. this is definitely the first. >>reporter: this bill allows a sherman tan--sherman time to alw this court investigators to the scene. >> a san francisco police is asking for help to track down a killer. this man was walking home from the balboa bart station. this is video. dan kerman has new details about the possible police sketch just released. >>dan: a san francisco believe that this man is responsible for shooting and killing a 26 year- old san francisco man that nearly three weeks ago. this man had been shot execution style just two blocks from his home after walking home from the bart station. >> there could be a possible robbery. >>reporter: this suspect is described as a 16-25 years old. with this following description. carrying a nine semi automatic got in the back seat of a pontiac grand am were similar. >> behind that was another dark suv there could be a s
the multibillion-dollar project. da lin joins us now to explain what this means in how the bay area will benefit from a high-speed rail measure and what those opposed to it have to say. >> this was a really close one. the yes votes for 20 in the no votes for at 16. the measure now goes to the governor in he will sign this. after he signs it, the states will begin to build the first stretch of a high- speed rail which runs from bakersfield to madeira about 130 mi. altogether. approving the measure also means that california will get $3 billion in federal france wants the high-speed rail is all said and done it will connect san francisco to lost their lives with trades expected to run as fast as two of the 20 mi. per hour. those against the high-speed rail systems to stay it is too expensive and unnecessary but democrats say it will create jobs and improve california's infrastructure. >> this can be measured in many different ways. for every compelling argument that this will not succeed in the long run, the argument on the other side that we have a chance to do something that generations from now
>> police are not saying much about the motive or whether her credit cards or atm card was used. she was found with her hands bound on the back seat of her car. the fbi is helping with the investigation. >> ron paul has made a career with trying to do away with the feds. he blames it on government grow. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from the oakland marine as we look towards the city. he conceded cloud cover in the background. the fog is already starting to push back to the clothesline. as we look ahead to next couple of days it is going to be very similar. sunshine and cooler temperatures each day with temperatures dropping into the '70s. as we head into saturday the winds of the north will pick back up. that will lead to less fog and warmer temperatures. tomorrow morning fog to the coastline, the bay shores, inland valleys high and north bay. asks the 10:00 hour does not bring in market clearing. we will still seek patchy fog. did they shores will start the season clearing to the early afternoon. patchy fog along the coastline and not much more to the late afternoon hour
that. >> it is not going to hurt you. it will not bring of affect either if it will give us peace and justice harry f. >> told shooting throttle the signs of incipient tests third >> dan kerman is live outside of city hall. is there any success in getting the mayor to talk about the problem of violence? >> absolutely not. once again now, we are hearing from the chief that some of the strategy >> oakland mayor jean quan continues to avoid addressing the issue of crime. >> i never comment on crimes until i have been briefed 5 the police. famish monday it he off she refused to speak on camera, instead issuing this statement where she first thing the oakland police department for the hard work bed they do day in and day out. she went on to say, we are doing some things well and other areas need improvement. if that is quite a bit different when she said just two weeks ago offs when she said the city would push ahead with its 100 block crime plan despite the fact that most of the crime is not happening in those 100 blocks. >> we think we have the right strategy, the rights plan and the
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21